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im new to the pwc scene. i bought a 1992 waverunner vxr 650 from a guy back during the winter, the ski has not been in the water in about 5 years. i replaced the battery, rebuilt starter and carb., put in new jet pump assembly, and installed oil injection block off plate, and of course new fuel filter and plugs, cleaned the tank real good i think thats about it. now on to my problem........i put it in the water the first time today and had a good time for about 30-45 minutes then it started acting funny. it almost seemed like it was bogging or missing or something so i limped it back to the shore and pulled the plugs and they were perfect. just kind of shrugged my shoulders and went back out on it again (started perfectly) and it continued to do it so i loaded it up and started it up out of the water and the engine sounded strong, revved real clean and idled perfectly (also idles just fine in water). so basically this is my question........what would make it run just fine out of the water and bog in the water after running 30-45 min. thanks soo much for replies in advance!
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