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1992 waverunner 650lx starter test removal

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I got the cover off the drive assembly and put a small pipe wrench on it and it turned fairly easy with the spark plugs out. When I try to start it it just clicks and hums in the electric box. The starter does nothing. Took the box apart and I tried crossing the relay with a screwdriver and still nothing. How hard is the starter to get out? I can't see the screws so I assume the exhaust has to come off? I figured I could take it out and just put voltage to it and see if it is dead then go from there. 92 yamaha waverunner 650lx

Thanks rhutson in NC
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I put my charger on, pos on the bat and neg on engine bolt, still nothing, I have no idea if this ski is any good for anything and didn't want to spnd 80 bucks on a new bat.
starter removal 92 650lx

I'm thinking that if I put the charger on it like I did per the instructions, it would at least make some sort of noise at the starter? As cruddy as this thing looks, I'm betting the starter is toast but you never know. The inside of the electric box was dry and clean. The carb will have to be taken off and cleaned or replaced. Tomorrow evening I'm going to take the starter wire off to see if it is corroded then I'm going to try straight juice, pos to the stater connection and neg to the back of starter on one of the bolts, if it doesn't do anything then I guess I'm pulling it off to bench test it. I'm also looking for an owners manual cause I know nothing about this jet ski, but I have a boat and fix everything on it so I'm not completely incompetent.

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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