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I have a 1992 Yamaha Waverunner III 650 that I recently bought. It has run good on several occasions. After a great ride today it suddenly would not start. I tried to crank it and it just turned the starter and would not start. When I got it home it would not even crank anymore. When I push the start button...nothing happens. Upon opening the cowling I noticed some hardware on the bottom of the hull and obviously this caused me to search more. I looked at the back of the engine and noticed a wire hanging loose. It appears that it was connected to some sort of plug that goes into the top of the engine. I investigated what this plug is and found that it is a thermoplug. Here is my question.... will this plug being disconnected cause the engine not to crank? Is there a way to circimvent this switch? Another thing I noticed is that the engine was running a little rough toward the end of our session today. Could this have been an indication that the thermoplug was failing? Any help would be appreciated.
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