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1993 Polaris SL750 part out!

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1994 Polaris SL750 part out!

Correction! Sorry guys its a 1994 not a 1993!

I've had this ski for a few years now and have given up on it. Just don't have time to mess with it. Crankshaft was locked up in it when I got it due to taking on water and never being drained. Cylinders are in decent shape maybe a little rust from sitting. Hull is in great shape but no title. It has an aftermarket intake grate I beleive(will have to crawl under it and look if someone is interested) and Ocean Pro spark arrestors. Let me know what you need and I can furnish pictures. I am located in Maryland and will ship to U.S. and Canada but if you want the hull, of course that will be pickup only. BTW, Im not looking to make a load of money so these parts will be very cheap!

[email protected]

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