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1993 Waverunner 3 revs but doesn't go

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I have a 1993 Waverunner 3 650, the last time I took it out it was running fine then it lost power, I cut it off turned it back on and it starts fine, idles fine and goes up to 1/4 throttle, after 1/4 throttle it just revs and doesn't go any faster... it is almost like it kicks into a neutral (i know it doesn't have one but that is how it acts). Do any of you have any idea what the problem might be. I got the ski last summer and took it out maybe 5 times never changed the plugs and never cleaned the carb. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Check the water inlet on the bottom of the ski. Sometimes debris will enter there and entangle the inpeller. That can cause what you are describing. Just a thought.
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