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1994 750 super sport xi, typical "won't start" problem

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I have the typical "won't start" thread.

I have a 94 750 and it turns over but won't start. I have a couple questions.

1. when you pull a plug to check for a spark, do you ground the outside of the plug?
2. There is no fuel pump right? How does gas get into the carbs? do I check if fuel is getting to the carbs? I pulled both tubes off the carb and turned it over but no gas is squirting out of the hoses like I would expect.

any help is greatly appreciated.
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750ss wont start

Im new here, cant wait till spring. My 94 750ss quit in the middle of the lake last laborday weekend, and wouldnt re-start. got it home and got it to sort of run on starting fluid, found out that it had the dreaded oil pump failure, pulled the motor and the rear piston knocked 3 holes in the block. now im trying to find a motor for it.
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