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How fast will a 1994 Sea Doo XP go, roughly. It's in good shape and runs well. 650cc TWO STROKE, not four, engine. It's one I'm looking at for 2000 dollars with a trailer that's pretty new and a hoist. A good hoist. A standalone hoist with legs. An actual hoist not a davit and sling.

I test drove it but the lake was rough with choppy waves so I couldn't open it up. It seemed pretty responsive.

Take a look at this: Sea Doo Xp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It's sounds like it was all copied out of a magazine or something but it says the first generation XP's could reach 45 miles per hour.

and that the XP800 in 1995 could reach 57.
But in reality can a 94 XP do over 40?
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