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So I was handed the project to rebuild our Fire Department jet ski. Here is the story behind it. We were given this jet ski by a dealer 15 years ago. They donated it to my department and told us we could have it. Well in the years following that the ski rung off exhaust manifold bolts and leaked water into the hull. Needless to say, the ski was parked and left for the rest of the year. When they went to work on it the pistons were seized up in it so they left it alone. This is where I come in....

The ski has been in a shed behind our fire station for 10+ years. The ski is in excellent shape as was the motor. Of course it has the 660 motor in it. Well, I have since then completely rebuilt the motor. I just got it back into the ski last night at work. I fired it up and ran for a second and cut off. I started it a few times and it continued to do the same thing. Im pretty sure I need to purge the system because the ski sat an entire year disassembled with no fuel in it. It still has the old fuel lines as well. So here are some of my questions/concerns seeing is how I am a Seadoo guy and dont know much about the Arctic Cat's.

1) The water flush is located on the outside of the hull and seems to take a smaller hose fitting, anyone know what size? A regular garden hose is to big and will not work.

2) What should I replace? Do I need new fuel lines? The ski has never been exposed to the weather cause it has always been inside so most of the internals on the ski are in great shape.

3) What is the best way to ensure that the oil injector is working properly? Id hate to run it lean and burn up the pistons thinking that the oil pump is working ok when it isnt.

4) Anything else I should need to know about the ski in general? The impeller has no dings and looks excellent and the drive shaft was great as well.

That's it for now, thanks for the help in advance.

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Not sure if you found the fixes for these yet, but,
-The flush fitting can be bought on EBay, check out this link:

-Not sure if you need to replace anything yet, did you check compression? The engine may just need to warm up and get the air out, make sure you have the garden hose hooked up too for cooling the motor.

-You can tell if the oil injection is working if the exhaust is smoking, other than that you would need to pull an oil line while it is running or maybe better during turning the motor over with the plug wires off. If you start the engine and it is not smoking at all after a minute or two, immediately stop the engine and make sure there is oil in the tank and that the oil injection is working. If it isn't you can bypass the oil injection by making a 50:1 premix and using that. (may have to empty the gas tank though)

-Another thing, if the engine has never been started or not run in a year or more it is always good to prime the engine by putting an ounce of 2 cycle oil or just less in each spark plug hole too. This will help with the engine break in.

-You can still get a lot of parts for these skis, especially on EBay and Country cat overstock.

Hope this helps.
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