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Alright like it says I came across this ski for 300 bucks. It would start and run but after running for a few it would just die and power was lacking. After getting it I played with it a little and then decided to check compression and the rear cylinder had zero compression.

I tore it down to find the top ring in two pieces and part of it is so stuck I couldn't get it out with a screw driver. The bottom ring as well was in two pieces. The walls are pretty ate up so I bought a 1.0m oversize piston set. Which should be here later this week and I'm hoping I can get it bored and it get clean and it's not to screwed up.

Anyways the front cylinder had like 170 or something so I was told. I know putting my finger over the spark plug whole it had great compression.

So why did the rear cylinder go? I read a lot about water in rear cylinder or no compression for the rear cylinder but really no talk about why.

Anyways I guess I'll just cut to the questions. I normally do 4 strokes so

on a 2 stroke the fuel and stuff actually goes below the piston with the crank and then is pushed past the rings or some how like that.

But anyways that means the case won't have oil in it correct? Cause when I pulled my cylinder first thought was shit this thing had no oil in it. But I've never tore into the 2 stroke before.

Anyways on to next question. Anyone know what the compression ratio is..can I increase the ratio for a little more power or should I leave it alone.

next what should I do about cooling. Is the stock system fine even after boring it to it's max?

I've never messed with a marine motor so even though I know all the basic's I don't know what to really look for since everything is different. Thanks everyone that post and help me out. I just want to do this thing right and have tons of fun with it and not just waste my money.
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