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Ive got a very odd issue with my 1995 Tigershark Daytona.
I think it started when my girlfriend got some seaweed in the intake.
I have removed the intake grate and cleaned everything. The problem is
The TS will bog out of the hole then eventually come on plane and pick up speed
And the RPM’s will climb. The time before this happened it ran perfect.

The odd part:
If you spin in the water counter-clockwise it labors/bogs and the RPM’s stay
Pretty low.

If you spin clockwise the RPM’s will climb up to near normal.

Any ideas? Help ? Info ??

Thanks in advance for any advise as I am not only new to the tigershark but
Also new to PWC’s


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dave99gst: How much seaweed? Enough to force the engine to quit? I'm thinking you might want to check your coupler/driveshaft. Any noise coming from that area? If you have the old coupler design (2.5") that could be your problem. It's made of a softer metal designed to be stripped out by the steel driveshaft end in order to save the motor if the impeller is prevented from spinning freely. Messed up thing is the driveshaft end takes a beating too. $275 - $400 to replace with the updated new driveshaft & coupler design parts depending on where you shop.
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