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I am new to the PWC world. I recently purchased 2 used 95 xp's and took them to the lake for the first time today. They both ran strong at first, but one of them took on a lot of water. The plug was in and tight. I drained all the water from the hull, replaced the plug and let it sit in the water for a while. No water went into the hull while it was just floating in the water. It started up and seemed to run fine. I rode it for a short time then stopped to check for water. Again several inches in the hull in just a short time!?!? The other issues I have with both ski's is that the VTS does not work. How do you set them to neutral???? Also the one that took on the water doesn't turn very well at all to the left, but does ok to the right. Any ideas??? As far as the VTS one of them the guage shows it all the way down, and the one that doesn't turn shows it all the way up. Thanks.
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