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I no longer have the time or money to keep these machines running. For sale to the highest resonable offer, a 1995 seadoo xp. I've run it for 5 years now. It had a motor rebuilt the season I bought it. The vts was removed the the previous owner and replaced with a hydrolic unit acutuated by the left hand(great for hole shot power) It is currently not running, I am 90 percent positive it's the mpem, as it blows a fuse in the electronic box as soon as connected to a battery. It's in fair shape. The body is pretty decent, but the seat and front yellow plastic are sun faded. THis thing is a blast when it runs. Can easily pull a skier, although not legal in all states due to it being a two seater. It comes with a one place trailer pwc trailer with bill of sale. I'm looking to pay other bills, and don't have time to get it running again. Before computer stopped working, it ran great, idled fine, and started on first push of button. I believe now the computer is about 500, but can be found used for much cheaper. Call me if interested. Grand Rapids Mi. Ryan 6162927678
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