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New to this forum and think it is great value. Just purchased a 1995 slt 750 and it was running sweet out on the water and then it just died. I could smell oil burning and a bit of smoking. Didnt have enough power to pull ski biscuit. The middle plug was a little oily and the other two were ok. Really good vaccuum from front cylinder, a little less on the rear cylinder but none on the middle. Could it be crap on the reeds valve causing this or could it be a ring that has collapsed and maybe scored the piston. If this is the case how hard is it to change out a piston and ring set? I will do a compression test first. What compression is good out of this motor. I continued to use the jet ski for the rest of the day. It would take a long time to get it up and plaining and it would not get anywhere near the power it should. It continued to start up ok. Does anyone have any ideas?
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