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I am having trouble with an engine seizing on my 1995 seadoo SPI. I bought the ski a few weeks ago and the first time I took it out the engine seized. The flywheel was locked solid and would not turn at all. I was able to break free the flywheel and start the ski again.

I brought the ski to a mechanic and he couldn't figure out the problem without seeing the ski seized. The ski appears to be getting plenty of oil (I actually fouled the plugs a week later from it running too rich). The engine was/is NOT hydrolocked. The engine has good balanced compression.

I took the ski out again and had ridden it pretty hard a few days and it did not seize. Recently it seized up again putting around the canals. (10-15 mins?) It also only appears to seize after the engine stops(doesn't lock up while running), only if you stop the engine and go to restart it (one case actually only locked up after leaving it for awhile).

I am able to get a little bit of play in the shaft leading to the impeller under the ski. Since the Flywheel is locked 100% solid, this would imply to me it isn't the PTO bearing or the jet pump (please please correct me if i'm wrong I don't know a ton about jet skis)

Is the next step to pull the whole engine and look at the crank shaft? Is it possible it is something else simpler? Any one have any ideas?

Thank you for your help.
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