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I Purchased a used 1995 sea doo spx a couple of days ago it started and I ran it on the hose. I took it to the boat lauch after checking all of the fluids and greasing the drive shaft. I started right away and I ran it for about 1hr mostly at about 1/4 throttle because there is a long no wake zone by my boat launch. I did have it up to around 3/4 throttle for about 20 minutes then it started to rain and I had to go back to the dock.
Today I took it out again and it started right away again I went through the no wake zone with no problems and Got up to speed for about 15 minutes then all of a sudden while going around 35mph the engine booged down and died and wouldn't restart. I sounded like the battery might be weak. I got towed back to the the dock and took it home. I checked the battery and it was fine. I also cleaned all of the connections I tried to start it but it would only crank around slowly about twice. About 2 hours later I tried it again and it did start but I had to use a little throttle to keep it going. I hooked up the hose and started the engine then turned the hose on to get the saltwater out of the cooling system and about thirty seconds into flushing the engine died I immediatly shut off the water but now the engine just clunks when you hit the start button. Also I can no longer turn the engine by hand with or without the plugs in. I took out the plugs and there isn't any fluid inside. I looked in to see if anything was in the impeller and there was nothing. Did I blow the engine? or is this something with the starter because it did restart after it originally quit. Thank you in advanced for your help this is my first ski and I'm hoping for the best but it doesn't look good.

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