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Did a quick once over diagnosis on a customer's ski this evening before the pouring rain came down. Here's what I found...

Ski will crank over great, however doesn't even try to ignite any fuel
Throw on a spark checker, I only got a single very weak spark on cyl 1 and 3 then nothing after that. I took the electronics case apart and will continue testing the coils and triggers individually later on.

A few questions.
How likely is it that all 3 coils bit the dust?
How likely is it the trigger mechanism has gone out?

I did get continuity between the electronics box & battery (-), and between battery (-) and engine block/bolts/plug housing.

Any other likely culprits I may be interested in scanning for?
I was almost convinced of a loose or disconnected ground since the guy had removed the battery several times before I showed up but all the grounds I found are good and connected.

What is the electronics box grounded through?
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