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I found a 1996 Tigershark with a 900cc motor. The guy says he fogged the engine and it has been sitting out in the elements for the past 2 years since. We get a lot of rain and moderate snow in the winter.

The thing is filthy and there is rain water inside the hull.

I can pick it up for $450. Is it worth it? If I do get it, where do I begin to get it running?

I will drain the gas first and put new spark plugs in it. Do you think it would be safe enough to hook up a new battery and turn it over to test compression without doing anything else first?

I will probably suck out the little bit of water and debris from the hull with the shop-vac and do a thorough cleaning on the outside.

I figure the trailer it sits on is worth something, so even if the ski is shot, I can sell the trailer and get a little money back.

Any thoughts/ideas?


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Wow, what a response... lol!!

Anyways, I picked it up. Cleaned up nicely.
Pulled heads off, looked good. Got new plugs put in.
Jumped it with a car battery. The battery was not hooked up to
a car, just one I had in the shop. I checked to make sure it was
fully charged before trying. The motor turns over and has 115 PSI
in each cylinder. After checking compression, I checked spark.
And guess what... there was none. None of the three coils has
spark coming out. I find it hard to believe that all three coils are bad.
Through what little informatin I found on the internet, I have concluded
that either the magneto/stator or CDI box is bad. Does that sound right?

Any info on this matter would be appreciated.
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