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I have a 96 gtx and it came with the rev limiter removed when i bought it. I have mostly been riding in a like with minimal waves so I never come out of the water. I wan't to start riding in the ocean and i am thinking that i should put the rev limiter back on so that I can ride without worrying about letting off the throttle every time i hit a wave and become airborne. I have ridden in the ocean once and had to go extremely slow to prevent that from happening. If i put the rev limiter back on will it prevent my motor from blowing up whenever i come out of the water? Or should i just keep it off? The previous owner told me that he recommeds that i keep it off because if it dies then it will kill the computer as well. If i put it back on will it make my jet ski slower at top speed while in the water? I think that the rpms right now top out somewhere around 7200. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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