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Alright i just got this Jet Ski the beginning of this year. Went and had it un-winterized just recently and it started, ran, and revved just perfect. So we get it to the ramp unloaded it. I kinda let it warm up a little just around the ramp and as i got 300 feet out. Then i really reved it and i will say i kinda pushed on it hard but all of a sudden it bogged and lost all power but stayed running. WOT was at about 2900 - 3000 rpm. I limped it back to the trailor and checked the plugs and one plug isnt getting spark i check all the wires the cap was on tight a opened up the cdi box and it "looked" fine maybe it something internally with the cdi but any help is tremendously apreciated i really wanna get her running and get back out on the water. and also sorry for the really long post haha
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