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I know this is a lot to ask…

I have two 1996 Kawasaki Super Sport Xi’s that have been sitting in barn for two years, were running when parked. I drained gas, new filters, new plugs, new batt’s.

Ski #1: Shows fire/spark at plugs and will fire off… took it to pond backed trailer in water (both ski’s still tied down - did not ride) hit the start button a-few times and it finally started. Runs smooth at idle, and will rev up, but just really don’t want to take the fuel - boggs.

Ski #1 Question: I need to rebuild the carbs and even two dealers can’t assure me what I need – they asked me what carb I have and what kit I need – after I told them what ski’s I had.. nor can they tell me exactly what kits come with… So, I think I have KEIHIN carbs – its stock ski’s…

1. What does KEIHIN carb kits come with – enough parts for one carb or three carbs (hearing both ways)?.

2. Do I need the 38-42 Kit - what is part number?

3. Do these kits come with parts to rebuild PUMP (pump only on one carb) or is this orderd separate?

4. Where to get all carb kit? – at a reasonable price – and know when it arrives, I have what I need to complete entire job.

Ski #2: Has no Spark/Fire at plugs, I took the Igniter and Regulator out of the Electrical box of ski #1 (I know it works) and out put in ski #2… still no spark at plugs.

Ski #2 Question: Again, Dealer’s are no help – got so many contradictory story’s / possibilities from them – it’s pitiful. So, I only know of three parts left that can prevent the spark needed at plugs, and that is… “Coil” – “Stator” – “Start/Stop/Kill Switch” – Right? These are fresh water ski’s and all electrical connections were checked and clean/ed. BTW, I’m weak-weak in the electrical troubleshooting area, so per questions below – pretend you talking to an idiot :>) …(yes-I know-I opened the box).

1. What is proper procedure for testing COIL and what should reading be?
2. What is proper procedure for testing STATOR and what should reading be?
3. What is proper procedure for testing START/STOP/KILL SWITCH and what should reading be?
4. Can the Stator be replaced in-ski without removing motor? I’m told it’s possible due to this one being on outside of flywheel… but that it’s still really hard to do in hull.
5. Any place online to get/download repair manual or service manual for these ski’s?

Am I missing anything on these two ski’s that was not mentioned or addressed above?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided…

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First go to New Jet Ski Parts and Used Jetski Parts - their you can look up your ski's a get a complete parts breakdown on them, and maybe help you find what your looking for.
On ski #1 , did you let this ski run for awhile in the water? Add seafoam to the gas, one can and let this ski run working some of the tarnish out of the carb as well as the old gas, this can clear up problems with the carbs, I've done this from ski's i've bought from people that have sat for years and they do clear out, worth a try other than rebuilding both of the carbs.
Ski #2, if you put this ski away running it more than likley somthing with corrosion, this I have seen also, check your stop switch. take it apart and clean it and use electrolitic grease on it, also check all your connections, this is a place to start. Also if you own 2 of these ski's go online, - Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, ATV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, PWC / Watercraft Parts, Apparel, and Accessories and buy a shop manual and it will show you with pictures how to test electrical, its just to hard to explain it to you over a chat box. Good luck.
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