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I am looking at buying a 1996 Kawasaki STS JetSki. I have no experience with Jetski's. A guy at work has been trying to sell it to me for a month now and has gone from asking $800 now to $600. I went to his house and it starts right up and the hull and seat are in good shape minus some sun fading. Tomorrow I am going to take it for a test ride. I just want to get some second opinions on this machine before I jump into buying it. It does not have a trailer but I have one I can convert easy enough.

1) Is it worth $600 if it rides good?

2) What are some things to look for as problem areas?

3) All stock, will it pull a tube or skier (I am 205lbs, Wife is 169.9lbs, and I have normal size 3-1/2 and 2 year old boys)?

Any advice or info would be appreciated as I am going to ride it tomorrow morning.
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