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1996 seadoo xp help

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Hey guys,

I'm having some issues with my 96 xp. I have no problem starting up the ski, and it runs, but not at full power. It used to run about 55-60 mph, now it runs about 40-45, and is very slow to get out of the hole and sometimes doesn't even plane out. It will never plane out with two people. I have replaced the spark plugs multiple times and it has done nothing. I ran a little test then. I have spark plug 1 and spark plug 2 and I have spark plug wire 1 and spark plug wire 2. If I have both spark plugs hoooked up it runs about 40-45 mph. If I hoook up spark plug wire 1 to sprak plug 1 or spark plug 2 and don't hook up spark plug wire 2 it runs about 30 mph. If I try to hook up spark plug wire 2 to either spark plug 1 or 2 it won't even start. I am thinking it is an issue with spark plug wire 2 then. I was wondering if this is reasonable to believe this, or if there is a different underlying problem that I am not aware of. Do I need to rebuild the carbs? or something like that. I am not too familiar with fixing skis. Any responses would be greatly appriciated.

Also, my speedo stopped working, I'm pretty sure something is just clogged in the line. How difficult is it to fix?
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time to buy a manual, a meter and a dva
You cannot cross spark plug wires! The first thing you need to do is a compression check before you spend one dime on a ski that old! those were trouble skis from day one! You could have a host of problems from engine to jet pump!! The speed O is the least of your problems!
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