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First of all let me just say that I am completely new to jet ski's. This is the first one i've owned, I only paid $600 for it, and it had sat in a barn for two years. So after purchasing this boat, I took it on the lake, after putting new gas, and oil in it. The first time I took it out it ran great, plenty of speed and started and idled great! The second time however, it did not preform so well. It took off very fast, then completely died. It wouldn't start, and I noticed gas leaking from the float area on the carb. I assumed a bad needle and seat. My assumption was correct, the end of the needle valve was almost completely torn off. I ordered a rebuild kit, and put it all back together. Now it starts, but wants to bog down if you really get on it (this is on land I am talking about) you can play with the throttle however, and get it to rev. When you get it in the water, it is a little hard to start and has absolutly no power. I couldn't get it to go faster than probably ten or fifteen mph. I have a feeling the bogging down has to do with the carb adjustment, but would this also cause the complete lack of power? :dunno:
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