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Well lemme start by saying hello to everyone. name is wagz. JUST got a free, waveblaster2 from my aunt. it a 96, Great condition, trailer and EVERYTHING. free. The downfall, motor is trashed for most part.. Lower end of the connecting rod seized on the crank and Galded the heck outta it bad. Snapped the rod and everything on front cylinder. (front, as in closest to front of Jetski..) talk about bummer..kinda. lol it was free so loss on my part. Assuming it starved for oil (in same shape or form..) so i'm lookin into either replacing the bad parts, OR replacing the whole motor (pretty pricey from the looks of

So..First question...

1. ANyone know Best place to find a used motor? (i searched the forsale forum on this luck yet)

2. if i cant getta motor, parts will be next..any advice on where to get cheapest priced parts? (ebay?)

3. Ok so since it starved for oil..(assumingly?) what kinda premix should i look at for runnin it?

NOTE:.. I am VERY mechanically inclined so dont be afaid to use all the big terms and fancy mechanic talk..i work on 2, and 4 strokes daily so i gotta dam good understanding of how all this stuff typcially works.. (xcept for the whole water stuff..kinda new to that yet. lol) Also, any info on problems with these skis would be great, (i.e. Things to watch on these models..)

Thanks much guys and gals, i really really appreciate all and any help yinz can throw my way.

Keep it water side down..OR up!! lol

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