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I have a 1996 sea doo xp that keeps blowing the fuses. i was told that it was because the VTS trim motor was bad so i replaced it but that did not do it. i plug all the wires in...and then it blows a fuse. i dont know what it is there is a short somewhere...but i need help finding where at. also there is a solenoid that runs to the spark plug wires...that gets very hot and it smells that way also after a few minutes of being plugged in. there is not much wiring on the whole thing but i am still lost...any help would be appreciated. also nothing works what so ever...the battery light comes on and stays on. but then i plug in the wire with the fuse and it blows the whole fuse. there is a ground wire connected to the battery and if you dont have that connected it doesnt blow fuses...then u just touch it to the battery and the fuse is blown. where is this ground wire supposed to go? it comes from out of the black box on the right side under the seat. i'm pretty sure it is supposed to go there...because that is where it was when i bought it. everything worked fine but then it just started shorting out and not working at all. would greatly appreciate any help thanks!
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