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Hey guys I am new to the PWC world. I have an opportunity to obtain an 1100 STX for the summer. I just have to register, insure it and get it running. Its in excellent shape, but the problem is its been sitting, un-touched for 6-7 years! I took the cover off it yesterday, and it was filthy and had some water pooling. Everything underneath however was very clean. The thing has very low hours. So far my check list includes: battery, drain fuel and oil tanks, possibly change fuel lines, fuel filter. I'm hoping I don't have to touch the carbs. The fuel was shut off, and there was no fuel in the filter, so I am assuming someone ran the carbs dry before they shut it down? Other than that I will need to change the trailer tires, and I am hoping thats it. Anyways anything you guys suggest I look into? Anywhere I can hook up a water hose to cool it off if I try and tune it in the driveway?

Thanks for any help


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