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I have a 1997 Seadoo GS which is having problems. I had it out two weeks ago and by the end of the day it was having trouble starting. It would need to be turned over several times before it would successfully start. I pulled the ski out of the water at the end of the day and it started right up. I figured it was either bad gas or bad plugs.
I went and purchased new plugs (BR8EIX) and put them in the ski. Took it out last weekend and it started right up. Ran fine for 30 minutes than suddenly died and would not restart. Pulled the ski out of the water and it would not start. I pulled the plugs out of the cylinders, plugged them into the ignition wire caps, held the the tip against the metal and tried to start the ski.(did this for EACH plug, also held the plugs to the cylinder head and to a bare metal support.) No spark was comming from either plug. I tested the ignition coil and thought it was shot.
I replaced the ignition coil, wires, and plug caps and still no spark. I tested both ingition coils with ohm meter and it read 1.0 with the meter set at 200 ohms and a lead on each of the ignition coil posts. I also put a lead on each plug cap and it read 20 with the ohm meter set at 200k, so the caps are connected well. What else could it be? Do I need to start looking at a new CPU?

Thank you
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