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Hi All

First time posting.

I am looking to pick up a machine as I have rented a number of them in the past and have always had fun on the water. Wife wants me to get a 3 seater for skiing and tubing with the kids

I have come across a ‘97 GTI and the current owner has said that they just put in a brand new 720 into it.

wanted to take it out for a test drive and was in the process of setting it up, test ride never happened but was then told that the carburetor would need an adjustment and the machine would possibly need a new wear ring as well - this was discovered when breaking the new 720 in.

Just wondering what to look out for when buying older used machines... I have a few quick questions:

Would buying something that needs work up front (cheaper) and having the work done immediately be a better move than blowing the budget on a used machine “in great running condition” only to find out some substantial maintenance will be required moving forward

Is buying an older machine with a new engine a good move? Or is picking up one with a lot of hours better? I know the maintenance history is really important, especially with a motor that has a lot of hours on it (which is hard to verify)

looking to spend between $4000-$6000 all in on the first machine, then depending on what the family reviews are on it... taking it from there

I’m not mechanically inclined right now, and would be servicing through a mechanic while I learn more

thanks everyone
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