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Fuse locations

There are 2 places I have found fuses on my 98 GSX. One is in the very front there is a black box with 3 large groups of wires. Just below the plug on the left if you are facing it there is a cover that comes off with a bank of 6 fuses. 3 are used and 3 are spare fuses. The one on the bottom is used and the 2 on the top are used. The other fuse I know about is in the engine compartement. There is a black square box with the red battery cable leading in. There is what looks like a plug of some kind plugged in and if you remove it there is a 15 amp fuse inside. Hope this helps.

Where is this fuse? I was only able to find the 15amp (rear) located in the engine bay on the left side torwards the front (spark plug wires come out of it).

I can not for the life of me find the other fuse box. I've read plenty about the 3 real fuses and 3 spare fuses. I just cannot locate them on the ski. Where are they?

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