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I am having a problem with my 1997 Seadoo bombardier. I am not sure of the model but since it has two spark plugs I assume that it has two cylinders.

I have been taking my friends ski out to the lake this season. I did not take it at all last season because they said that it was not running well. I asked them what was wrong with it and they said that it never got up to full power and it would just bog down and almost die. My first thought was that it was a fuel delivery problem. Being around quads for a while I said to myself all it needs is a carb clean and make sure the fuel lines are free flowing and not gummed up. i did not do the carb clean because once I tore into it I saw it was less than the 20 minute job I can do on my bikes, but I did clean the air filter which was pretty dirty.

Anyways, long story short I took it out to the lake (Bullards Bar @ 2000 feet) and did not notice the problem they were describing at all. In fact that ski pulled really hard and I rode it for 2 hours straight with no problems. I came to the conclusion that people were crazy and maybe it was a one time thing. Well, yesterday I took the ski out to the lake we normally go to (Englebright Lake @ 500 feet) and I did not get out of the no wake zone before I noticed the problem. I could only get the ski to half throttle and if you went any further it would just bog down and sometimes die. After it died it would take a while to start back up.

I have a general idea as to what the problem is because it runs fine at the higher elevation. The ski was bought from a guy who lived up in lake tahoe (@4500 feet) My question is do all of you have my same thought that jetting is the issue? If so, what jetting should I go to?

Any help would be great!
Let me ask if the plugs look rich (wet and black), or lean (gray and dry). Because the higher the elevation the leaner the jet because of less oxygen. So unless your plugs are burning lean jetting up won't help. I used to drag race two stroke snowmobiles in the mountains where not only elevation is a factor but weather as well using an oxygen density meter.:rolleyes:
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