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My 1997 Sea Doo XP Bombardier does not start after I just replaced the fuse holder for the 15 Amp starter solenoid fuse. I replaced the fuse, the fuse holder (as it was melted) and a blown 5 amp fuse up front. I rode it for about 2 hours fine, but then when I went to start it to dock it (after sitting for 30 mins), it would'nt beep or start. The weird part is, that we get the VTS gauge and the gas gauge to register, but it wont crank, and I can adjust the VTS.

I have tried jumping the starter solenoid, and it would crank. Also I pulled the plug on the solenoid and gave it power and it cranked so I know the solenoid is good , all the fuses are good, I cleaned the ground lug on the coil , I also checked the anti theft switch with a meter and got 10-11 volts going in and only about 4-5 coming out once the lanyard was on, Im not getting any power to the coil when I hit the starter switch or any power to the solenoid plug, I tried jumping the ground from the coil to the battery to see if it was just a ground issue and still got nothing, Im kinda hoping its not the mpem any Ideas?

The Start Stop Switch got 3 ohms. When I try to get the self diagnostic with the beep after pushing it 5 times, it gives me one short beep with the lanyard on, then once I push it again I get nothing, I read that your supposed to hit the start switch 5 times with the lanyard off then put the lanyard on , then press the switch one more time, does it matter that mine does that whether the lanyard is on or off? is there any sure way to test the DESS post?

Thanks So Much! I am going CRAZY here!
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