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OK so it it all started with blowing a 15A fuse...and then i did more research and checked everything people said to...and thought i fixed it so i took it out and was dead on water again so i took the magneto cover off ( was hell to get to) and found some small pieces of metel in there that might of been grounding it i took it out shortly after and it was fineee but then blew a 15A fuse again...and i knew to take lots of fuses on water just in case so i replaced it and sometimes i would get a little ways and then it would i took it home checked grounds and what not and took it out again...well this time i used all my fuese on the water because right when i would put it in it would blow either the front MPEM 15 or the back 15 by the silnoid... I took it home and unplugged the magneto wireing harness from the magneto case and then it stopped blowing i assume it got grounded out agaiN? im kinda pissed because i just opened it up and cleaned it HELP!!! and i did the tests earlier on the battery and it was reading around 14.4 when on so recifiers good... but question.. IM getting power from one of the 3 yellow wires going to the magneto, its labeled B24 not sure its suppose to be hot? but PLEASE HELP IM GOING TO SHASTA IN A FEW DAYS AND DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!
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