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Posting this for my uncle, let me first thank any and all that can provide some insight into fixing this problem we're having...:thumbsup:

He has a 98 STX1100 as stated in the title, and just recently spent a bunch of money on "fixing" some problems he was having. We had to get a new battery in it as well. So, after spending all this money, we were given MORE issues. The ski does very well from 0-6100 RPMs, after that, it just gives up. Drops back to around 2000 or so. It seems like it is just bogging down, and has no power. Almost like the carbs need to be cleaned. BUT, he just did that last year. Could it be they need to be worked on again? What could be causing this type of problem?

Again, thanks in advance. Very nice forum you all have here!:D
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