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1998 XPL with 951. Runs great, had it out all day today.
Both cylinders have 130 compression. I repaired all the quirks. Fixed the fuel tank baffle, got the gauge working. VTS works.
I've also changed over all the gray fuel lines and recnelty cleaned out the carbs.
I've also just put in a new bendix because on of the clips has broke and I didnt want to take a chance of it busting inside there.
Also has a brand new battery.

The ski runs great. Runs a steady 6900 rpms at wide open throttle. I Never gpsed the top speed. But i stay side by side with my friends f-12. Most guys who gps them come back with about 61-62 mph.
The ski is fast and alot of fun.
The reason im selling is because im looking for a three seater. Something a bit more stable so i can get my girl to come out with me. This ski is really intended for one person and when you are on it with one person it hauls ***.

I love the ski and would hang on to, i just want somethign a bit more stable. Its on a trailor. I have all the paperwork.
I will post a pic shortly.

If yoiu have any questions please feel free to contact me. 917 363 9022

here are a few pics.

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