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A friend of mine has lost his key for his on/off (battery) switch for his 98 stx 1100. He asked me to help him hot wire/wire in a different switch after seeing a switch/key setup off of ebay is roughly 100 bucks....

According to the service manual there is 4 wires, red, red/white, White, Black/White ..... What Im trying to decipher is how the switch works and trying to figure out what the service manual is showing me lol..... In the 'on' postion the manual shows the red and red/white are connected and the black and black/white are not connected.... and vice versa in the 'off' position.... Am I reading that right? There is very little work space and dont want to start cutting/splicing wires that I dont have to....

The way I see it is I need to splice/connect the red and the red/white wire and since the switch is stuck in off I would need to cut on of the 'off' wires to create an open, correct?

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