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Ski has been sitting for a few years at a buddies house. Swapped in a 4 wheeler battery I had, and it didnt do much other than start the gauge screen. I pulled the plugs, sprayed wd40 and carb cleaner down the cylinders and hooked the 4 wheeler battery up to my truck and jumped it.... surprisingly enough I got the ski to fire, even with 4 (possibly 5) year old gas!

With that said, it smoked out the neighborhood but with some throttle play I got it to idle on its own with no choke. Now how it would do out with a load on it Im not sure....

Now that I know the ski is running and isnt seized or anything I am looking to tune it up.... Other than replace the plugs, what else should I be looking into? I obviously will be siphoning the fuel (is there a way to drain it?), probably cleaning carbs but what else should I be working on/looking into?
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