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1998 Yamaha WaveRunner 500

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I currently have one that isn't running because of the CDI unit. I have an opportunity to get one off a parts ski, but it's a 1988 WR500. Does anyone know if these items are compatible or not? Thanks in advance.

edit: CT
My bad, thinking of my boat. The jetski is a 1989 WaveRunner 500 (not 1998 as in title)
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Check the parts number on them. I recently replaced the CDI on my 92 wr500 with a 89 CDI (might have been a 90) matched parts numbers and worked perfectly. This after changing everything electrical on my WR. Bought it on Ebay very cheap
The '88 works just fine with the -11 CDI (as well as the electronic box too). Just fyi in case someone else reads this.
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