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I am long time boater, but new to PWCs. Guess I'm fortunate, in that I bought this ski two years ago and it has been trouble free for occasional use. My neice came back to the dock with the overheat light on. She said she hit a sand bar, and just powered over it. I took it out, did a few sashays, side pee hole was strong, rooster tail was 8 ft., the light went out, and stayed out. Brought it home to flush. With water hooked up, pee hole strong, waster out of manifold bypass beside exhaust strong, but no water from exhaust and no rooster tail. Shut down immedeately, checked grate and impeller, looked clear. I do not have a flow diagram for this engine. Is there a seperate impeller water pump, and is there a logical place I should look for a sand plug? I'd like to save the old dear for family use!
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