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I have a 1999 Tigershark 1100R and I am having a problem with it running when I open the throttle up. I have replaced an exhaust hose that had a hole in it, the impeller, and put 3 new carb kits in it. Whenever I open the throttle up, it is as if the engine is getting too much fuel and choking out. I have narrowed it down to the 3rd carb and cylinder. Whenever I take the plug wire off that cylinder it seems to run fine...with the exception that is it weak due to the fact that is is running on two cylinders. I can take the Carb cover off and it will run like a champ on all three cylinders, but whenever I put it back on and run it....I get the problem with it choking out whenever the throttle is opened up. I would greatly appreciate any advise that you may have for me on this situation as I am almost out of options.
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