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Firstly I’m new here so I’m gonna thank you for the help when given, I do marine glass flake and gel work so I ll always give a hand to someone when needed

so here is where I am. Long story bought a 1999 1200 for my wife ( stable-great for cruising etc) the previous owner really misrepresented the ski
So far I’ve had to put new pistons and rings new power valves and clean the cylinders up a bit

he installed a d plate but looks like he didn’t install the chip

here is where I am I have about 2 hours on the idle to 3500 rpm and it didn’t blow up so I fell confident it will be ok
Today I was going to take it and start running it in the 5000-7000 range to get the break in done

I have added oil to the gas for break in I’d say it’s right around 50-1 plus the injection
I posted pics of my two front plugs the back was wet so I didn’t but you can see they are bone dry,
Also on the trailer under load in water and on water I can’t rec past 5000 rpm on dry land the power valve actuators work but don’t open up and on land dry no water and connected to a hose no problem spools up to 7000 no issue

my questions are
Are the plug ok to not be wet? Whats your thoughts on how they look and also could the chip not being there be preventing it under load from passing 5000 rpm

thanks for the help in advance really wanna get this one going for the weekend


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