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Hey Everyone, I need some serious help asap if possible. I just brought my 2 yamahas out of a 2 year storage stint. Drained all the gas, changed the battery, new plugs and got em up and running.

The GP800 is the one that is giving me problems. Its battery didint make it, even with trickle charge, so I bought a new one. I installed new plugs, drained the gas and put new gas in it. After some fiddling, I got it started at the house with a water kit of course, and ran it for 10 minutes.

I need them for Labor Day Weekend, so I brought them out yesterday to double check they were good. Everything was fine, they both started right up, we got the GP800 out on the water and got it running well. After 10 mins and a few tricks it just died. It took about five minutes of messing with it, but we got it restarted. Then after about 2 minutes it died, and we couldnt get it restarted. I towed it to the dock, and it had water in it up to the battery casing (Not sure if that matters or not, but my GP1200 had no water in it, so I thought that was interesting).

Now, I push the starter and I hear it starting, I hear the gas even running, and the flywheel cranking, but it doesnt start. The error "Volt" pops up, but my battery is new and shows the proper amprage. I have no idea what is going on! I am sure it is a switch or something, but where!

Please help, I so dont want to take this thing to the dealership if its something as ez as a switch.
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