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My dad and i bought a used jet ski and noticed that it had been taking on alot of water. I went out for a ten minute ride and the water had risen almost to the top of the battery. (btw this jet ski had not been used for 4 years before we used it) We let it float in the water and tried to notice where water was coming in. The water seemed to be coming from the protection hose located on the drive shaft.

Xtreme Powersports' 1999 Sea Doo GTX RFI Parts List

That will link you to what i am talking about. We took off the metal retaining brackets on the little rubber protection hose and sure enough there was a huge slit letting in water. We ordered the replacement but was wondering how we would install it. I am assuming we would have to take off the drive shat in order to get the new protection hose on but we have no idea how to do this. Would we need any special tools? I am mechanically inclined but know next to nothing about jet skis.

One other thing about this ski is that when it will frequently die out in idle and has a very hard time accelerating from idle. We use only premium fuel in it and very good oil. (it is a two stroke engine) Do the carbs need to be rebuilt? Fuel lines replaced? If so i do not know how to access the carbs or how to replace the fuel lines. Thank you for helping out
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