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last summer purchased a 1999 stx 1100.Started and ran fine.A friend told me to do a compression test and guess what a bad cylinder.Went on craigs list and found a guy that did it on the side.All 3 cylinders,honing,platinum pistons,he pulled the crank and re-sealed it and ultrasonic dipped the carbs.Pictures the hole way thru re-build.great job.I am using the ski now under break in and so far all good.Total price. 1000.00.Parts were about 650.00 so he did a lot of work cheap.Buy the way i paid 2500.00 for the ski.I think it would be worth it if the ski is in good shape.My ski had 260 hrs on it and he said with the new engine you could expect the same.He also said the reason for the bad cylinder was poor winterizing.Good Luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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