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Discussion Starter · #1 · member here with quite an issue on my hands. My 1999 GTI was recently serviced to address some power issues and after getting 'er back out on the lake, 1 to 2 hours into using it, I noticed some significant power / fuel flow issues. To be specific...

1) Starts okay without problem.
2) When giving 'er full throttle, I get about 2-3 seconds of power then the engine cuts back to nothing more than an idle...with the throttle held.
3) Then, after releasing the throttle and coasting at idle for another 10 seconds or so, I hit the throttle and power is it should be, only to be lost after another 2-3 seconds at full throttle.

A friend of mine mentioned a possible "water in the fuel" issue so I purchased some fuel dryer and put it in the tank. Tried running it for 30 min or so just piddlin' around and then tried again. Unfortunately, the same power issues started right back up. It's almost as though the fuel is flowing into the pump and carb but once you use up the little bit which has accumulated, the fuel flow seems to drop significantly only allowing you to idle, even with the throttle at full bore. Then, once a little more fuel works its way into the carb, power is restored and off you go...for at least another 2-3 seconds anyway.

I'm guessing the carb needs to be checked next for the presence of water. Or, maybe the fuel filter needs to be checked. I'm not sure of either option and am no mechanic but if nothing else, I'd like to find out if anyone else has experienced this issue and if so, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and please post if more detailed information is needed...I'll provide anything I can to the member who can suggest any possible fix or at least where to start.

The Reverend LzzrdBoy
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