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1999 SeaDoo GTI Idle Problem

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My GTI tends to idle very slowly and sometimes dies when I'm not on the throttle. How do I adjust the idle speed?
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yes buy the shop manual
The guy just asked the simplest of questions and you ask him to buy a manual ??
Just lost all faith in this site.

he asked should I
i answered yes you should what is wrong with that?

a shop manual will teach you more about the ski than most people will ever know
First of all there buddy, a shop manual will aid in the overall effectiveness in any repair. I own a shop manual for all my toys, including cars and it’s a great reference! The guy asked about his idle, I recommended a shop manual, and then you bash that. I would of hated to recommend him to do something that could of ruined his PWC when a SIMPLE $20 Haynes manual could of corrected any confusion about his problem. Maybe is people like you that make sites like this bad.

I apologize to any other users of online forums that have to deal with inconsiderate unappreciative people like that.

double amen
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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