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1999 Seadoo GTX Limited Idle adjustment

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I'm looking for some help on how to adjust the idle on my 1999 seadoo GTX. It idles at about 800 RPM's and seems on the edge of stalling. It tends to foul spark plugs frequently which I believe is a result of this. I'm forced to go out of my cove at idle for about 5 minutes because of a no wake zone. Any help on how I can adjust the idle up would be great.
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I have a '98 GSX Limited and it idles closer to 1000rpm. However, I have fouled plugs over time because of, in part, large no wake zones. My solution: I lean on the throttle in the no wake zone to bring my RPMs up to 1300-1500 and "no wake" it a little faster. Still not generating much wake but I am moving faster and turning a few more RPMs. If your ski does not have neutral and reverse, I wouldn't turn the idle up too much, if any.

I have a 1999 SeaDoo GSX LTD and it idles at about 3,000RPM.

If I pull the choke out, it drops down to 1,200RPM.

Is this normal?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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