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I have a 1999 seadoo xp that has a great hole shot (RPM up to about 7500) and imediately after pulling out of the water the RPMs drop down to 4,600. Every once in a while (while holding full throtle) it will try to rev up but then just drops back to about 4200-4600 RPM again). It does not seem like a govenor problem. The fuel used was premium and the official Seadoo SP-X oil. I changed the plugs and it did not help. It starts perfect everytime and runs great a low RPMs. If I "sneak" the thottle up sometimes I can get to to about 4900 RPMs but anything above about that the engine speed drops and then slowly revs back up to about 4600. To me it seems like fuel starvation. I did try pulling the choke out when it happens but then the engine just dies completely...

One mechanic told me it might be the little tiny fuel filters IN the carbs themselves (not the fuel filter from the tank). I checked it and it was a bit dirty but no water or any major "junk".

Anybody have any other ideas?

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