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I recently purchased a 1999 slt-x ski which ran great the last 2 times it was used. The 3 time out it was having a sputtering issue which i originally thought was the spark plug but noticed the multi display wasn't functioning properly so i unpluged the main conection sprayed it with a good marine electronic grease pluged it back in and it seemed to work fine:) I also replaced the spark plugs as well with the same brand and #. The following time of use the unit began to stall out while full throttle and almost locked up at one point:dunno:. I nursed the unit back to the dock and brought it home to look at. In my recent finding the #2 or middle cylinder has only 90psi:dunno: vs the other 2 which are at around 140psi which these 2 can get to 150psi if it turns them over 3 or 4 times which i'm not sure what you go by, the first complete stroke or the Max compression of multi-strokes if anyone knows? Someone has told me that i could get an oil block off kit and pre-mix, could i just plug off the main oil line and pre-mix and what would this do if I did this? I'll probably do the rings on this cylinder does anyone know the cheapest place to get the ring kit and possibly oil block off kit if it's necessary? Do the kits come with everything you need to get the job completed?
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