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bcclew11 Posted September 01, 2010 10:41 AM
yamaha 1999 1200 xl i am a marine mech i just havent worked on a lot of 1200s ok heres the deal this ran good about a mile down river then bogged down could run at quater throt no problem hit throttle mabe go a hundred yards bog again then shut it off let sit about a min then start go great about quater mile then bog again let sit same thing run good about a quater mile now when it bogged tried pulling choke no better doesent seem to be runnig out of fuel filters clean and new plugs and gaped no cyl miss just feels like you put a bag over half the carbs and slowed it down this ski has 86 hours comp good any help would be great thanks bcclew
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RIVA Motorsports RIVA Performance Forums RIVA Performance Forums Yamaha PWC Performance Forum bcclew11

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It can be several things, the easiest thing to check is gas-tank underpressure. Try to loosen the cap and see if the tank "breathes". Sometimes the heavy air intake from the carbs will create a massive under-compression in the gas tank due to the "breather" pipe being clogged (it will clog very easily).

Next thing you could do is to check the fuel hoses and the filter, it is located right underneath the small storage compartment you have in the front (the one for sunglasses, keys etc.).

Third thing is a carb rebuild, which i suppose that every scooter from 1999 needs from time to another.

Kind Regards
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