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1st time buyer - need advice

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Hello all - you seem like a decent bunch of chaps/chapesses!

Living in Texas and looking to enjoy our local lake a bit more. Would like to buy a used jetski. Quite a few on offer - mostly older Seadoo and Yamaha. I'd like to spend <5k but would go higher if it meant less stress. What constitutes a good buy - and which make is easier to fix if things go wrong? I'm not at all mechanically minded so would be paying someone else.

Some of the offers I'm looking at now:-

Yamaha FX 140 2005
Yamaha GP1200R 2001
Seadoo RX D1 2003
Kawasaki Ultra 250x 2007 (this one gives me the fear)
Seadoo GTX3 2001

Thanks guys!
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look at honda.

aquatrax f12x or f12 03 up. fantastic skis. the f12x is turbo and requires a little more attention when it comes to maintenance. but very reliable skis, great engine. i have f12 (non turbo) for me and the wife and we love it. great ski, fast enough for us and its a blast. engine will run strong forever as long as you maintain it just like every other ski. i say stay away from turbos and superchargers, unless you dont mind spending money constantly on repairs. get a ski thats n/a and 4stroke. 2 strokes always break down and to pay $1200 per rebuild is just plain stupid. i know people that had rebuild engine after 21 hrs as well as 16hrs. also heard of turbos blowing up at 10hrs and superchargers need rebuild every 100hrs. stick to n/a engines.

good luck.
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